What you can do

If you live in Swindon, you can:

  • Write to your local councillor asking them not to support greyhound racing.  This is particularly helpful if they are on the council’s planning committee as the company that owns the stadium has an ongoing planning application for the track. (NB: We support the use of the track for speedway but not for the greyhound racing.) 

Have a look at https://www.writetothem.com to find out who your local councillor is.

The planning committee members and their contact details are listed here.

  • Write to your MP asking them to support a nationwide ban on greyhound racing. The Write to Them website (link above) will also give you the name of your local MP.

Whether you live in Swindon or elsewhere, you can:

  • Follow @stopswindongre1 on Twitter and follow up on tweets asking companies/organisations to not support greyhound racing.   For example, we have tweeted Virgin Bet (@VirginBet and @VirginBetHelp) repeatedly to ask them to reconsider offering greyhound racing as part of their betting package but they are not answering us.
  • Encourage anyone who is thinking about visiting the track to think twice about what they are supporting and encourage anyone who bets on dog racing to stop betting on it.  The betting companies are helping to keep the industry going. 

And finally, if you can:

  • Come and be a voice for the dogs at the track whenever you can on a Sunday evening to help raise awareness and encourage others to come along too.   We are there every Sunday between 5.30pm and 6.30pm when racing is taking place.